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Jury Duty

Yes! I’ve just been granted a release of sorts. Not a book release like the sensational September 3rd release of Swamp Run but a jury duty release, which I treasure as well but with an entirely different emotion.  

After two weeks of stopping’s and going’s at the whim of the judge, I’m so thankful to be in charge of my own schedule again. After dressing professionally,instead of comfortably, rushing through traffic, racing through courthouse security, riding claustrophobic elevators, avoiding the plaintiffs and defendants, and politely socializing with an ocean of eleven (apologises to George Clooney and Brad Pitt) other trapped souls…I’m now free to use my memories as fodder. They’re now characters in my next WIP (work in progress- non-writers), plots for a suspense novel, and settings for a drama.

I’m free to create, finally.

Good Grief.

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Release Day

Well…there aren’t any angry mobs on the front lawn throwing rotten eggs this morning and that is a good thing for an author’s release day. I’m an author! Yes, that’s right. I am. Don’t worry I’ll get better.

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