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Romantic Halloweens

Holidays and emotions are joined at their romantic hips. Christmas and Valentines need no explanations. Veterans Day and Thanksgiving have this author’s ancestors describing their days of romantic glory, but Halloween is a witch of a different broom.

My Halloweens began as scary nippy nights behind a mask, pulled by the hands of a reluctant brother or riding on the secure shoulders of my fantastic father as strangers dropped treats, usually homemade, into my bag. One year our neighborhood held a parade with costume contest and two friends and I won. The tallest was the infamous gambler, Maverick, and we were a pair of dice, dressed in black, wearing a large cardboard box wrapped in white paper with the expected black dots. Since then I’ve been described as half of paradise. Ah, romance.

Now with my children grown and far away, Halloween is spent behind locked doors and dark porches. No decorations. No candy. My doctor told me no treats and wished me Unhappy Holidays.

However, a great amount of romance, at the hips and otherwise, occur behind locked doors, therefore, Happy Halloween!

Good Grief.

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