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The Passion of Print

Long before e-readersNancy Drew might have crossed your eleven year old palm. You were pleased to find a hardback book the adults approved of and where you could escape chores and homework for a short while. You mentally fell into them. You fell in love. You fell in love with reading.

Now skip merrily forward to our iPad world and note the levels of escape and excitement. They’re healthy and not to be sneezed at. Hardbacks are rare and Kindles are king but the feel of a paperback still has a bit of warm fuzziness.

Stir in your own name as the author then the fuzziness sizzles. When you’re asked for an autographed copy of your print book, when you’re asked to dedicate a copy to a fantastically supportive husband, an exuberant daughter or even an obnixious double first cousin…well, this is a brilliant level of passion. The passion of writing truly sparkles.


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These jams are not only sticky they’re mysterious. For example, after sitting in a stand-still for thirty minutes it suddenly becomes unclogged. While extremely thankful, there’s no closer. Thankful that there wasn’t any bodily harm, vehicle damage, or loss of environmental necessities, just what caused us have to sit there and stare at strangers and their bumper stickers that tell us more than we needed to know about them during are brief proximity?

Directions are similar to loyalties to professional football teams. Everyone’s sure they’re right and you, the listener, would go far astray if you didn’t write down their answer in blood on your GPS owner’s manual. In competition with your borrowed but not updated GPS sitting proudly on your dash board there’s Goggle Maps, Map Quest, your destination’s answer (the hotel’s website directions) and my iPad’s standard, hybrid, and satellite versions, oh, don’t forget the taxi driver’s answer. History tells us Washington DC was designed for simplicity in street planning. When has more than one group agreed to anything in this city?

One of my favorite travel dilemmas is trying to eat right. My minimal common sense tells me I need proper nutrition. The two glasses of wine with last night’s dinner do a grape make. Ordering 4oz orange juice in the hotel’s classy restaurant was delicious until I was asked for $5.00. I’ll trust the potatoes in my ‘all that and a bag of chips’ will have to suffice as a vegetable for today.


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Sandy’s Silver Lining

Hurricane Sandy has left most of us on this third of our country with at least some sort of kick in the anatomy and hunting for a silver lining isn’t easy but it’s there. Run on sentences obviously have not been affected.

The brilliant lining I found surrounds and gently hugs communication and closeness which has never been a hallmark of my group. Alas, a qualification is needed here. If my in-laws are reading this post, first thank you, then please understand the subject today is my husband’s in-laws who live north of the Mason-Dixon.

Sandy stirred our communication skills and weakened our reticent ways. Emails flew and showed concern; relayed information, located lost souls, and listed needs. These needs were instantly meet or are in the process thereof. Fortunately, all members have been found although electrical power and tree removal continues to hamper a return to normalcy.

Normal is a rare adjective to be found attached to my husband’s in-laws but loved they are.


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