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Girl Scout Cookies

There are shy salesmen, aren’t there? Selling anything terrifies most shy souls and this one didn’t venture beyond Girl Scout cookies. Back in the day I went door to door and was expected to push those vinilla creams. I hated it. Rejection should be easier now. It isn’t.

In my writing world infancy I gave little thought to the business hidden behind the creativity. Oh, I dreaded the editing. After all, what’s wrong with the first draft? Self-promotion hadn’t risen its complex spirit.

My shyness is waking me at odd hours with jabbing thoughts about blog ideas and how to prepare for an upcoming bookclub interview and a book signing and reading.

Silly me, the first worry was what to wear. The second was “how can I thank my readers?” Gift Bags! I started ordering some creepy alligators, (toys, my friend)bug spray, and chewing gum. You understand…swamp survival , similar to selling Girl Scout chocolate mint cookies.

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Atomic Cricket

Dear God in Heaven…my precious pink Dell quite suddenly blared out a fearfully awful racket similar to an atomic cricket. I choked on my cereal bar, frantically pounded on the power button, and prayed. Fortunately it turned off!

I stared at a black void and prayed again. I prayed some more as visions of all that computer contained: my books, blogs, and bitty-tiny bank accounts slugged through my clammy and trembling mind. I offered yet another prayer but not to the technology god. No, not this time. This prayer was sent to My Real God.

After the shaking stopped I took in a couragous breath and gently pushed the power button.  Mr. Windows advertising never looked so sweet. My desktop photo of my beloved giraffs danced across the access to my writing world. I love giraffs, ugly but graceful like my precious pink laptop.  Prayers are answered.

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