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Before and After

Before Swamp Run’s first book signing and reading this author was anxious but not as much if I hadn’t first visited the friendliest and warmest bookclub and now new friends I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. There were fouteen lovely readers who asked intelligent questions, served wonderful food with a side of¬†encouraging smiles.

After Swamp Run’s first book signing and reading this author counted her blessings. I sold 24 copies. There were 25 in attendance but my husband didn’t buy one. Silly Goose. There were servings of yummy food, warm smiles, and applause. The most delicious piece of swamp pie was created by the President of The Freinds of the Library. He wrote and read aloud a limerick dedicated to me!

For Eleanor Tatum we’re betting,
The attention “Swamp Run” is getting.
Can bring her acclaim
Recognition and fame,
While locals all hail the book’s setting.

by Mr. Bob Aldrich (a poet of two of his own volumns)
Prosate Poetry Curing Cancer in Limericks and Slim-ericks for well-versed Dieters

Sending a sincere thank you my friends at Lake Waccamaw.

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My Own First Responder

We all need the 911 now and again. After calling for help from Our Good Lord we rely on our police, firemen, and emergency medics. School teachers need mentors, and writers need critique partners.
Need proof? Yesterday my editor unknowlingly sent me into a dither by using the word deadline. Panic. I called my Critter Hotline.

Nancy LaPonzina came to the rescue.

The Chanticleer Book Review First Place winner,for her debut novel Nardi Point, worked with me at my eleventh hour. She adjusted her evening schudule and together we presented my ediotr with her demands.
Nancy is a knowledgeable and quick witted wordsmith. Together we’ve plotted and critiqued her second novel A Path Through the Garden. Her extensive research in archaeology and modes of alternative healing make her first place to many of her readers. Her strong characters and descriptive settings appeal to her romance readers through their emotional actions and reactions.

Nancy LaPonzina is my mentor, plotting physican and creative critiquer. She is my critter and writter’s 911.

Continuing on for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Someone once said new experiences teach while repeaters bore. I’m not bored. In a few days I’ll be speaking to a book club and attend a book signing for my debut novel, Swamp Run. Being an introvert I’m nervous but determined to learn. Some of the required questions for this post are interesting, beyond the norm, like what about your book will pique the reader’s interest?
Hopefully “piqueness” will be achieved through the romance and suspense but in Swamp Run there’s an added feature about the setting. Robinson Island is Crusoe Island in the county of Columbus, North Carolina. At the end I added a few pages of fictional dialogue to give the reader a sense of time, place, and essential history. It’s a fascinating bit of local facts that revolve around global turmoil of the early eighteenth century. There isn’t any true isolationism the islanders tried to achieve.
The second interesting post question given to auhtors: “What other book(s) would you compare to within your genre?
Mercy, may I brag? As a fan of all Julie Garwood’s novels I would love to compare Swamp Run to her comtemporary romantic suspense, Mercy. But I don’t dare to compare. I’m shy.

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