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<p>Writers should be obvervant and not just for story foda. The business needs opportunities to sell the product. Writers should sink their teeth into selling (yuck) their books. These windows of time often open in the strangest places.

My in-laws (bless their hearts) have enjoyed the services of the same general practitioner and dentist for generations. True. My mother-n-law (bless her heart as well) would often bring baked treats for the staff such as she famous pound cakes. Since I not only cannot cook, I do not cook, I brought copies of  my first novel, Swamp Run.

I had mentioned this gift to my hygentist while my mouth was well occupied with xray cards. My voice sounded like lamenting whales swimming near Japan. She, the hygentist, not the whale, stopped all activities and whipped out her smart phone, not unlike my dumb phone. I sold a book while flat on my back…on the dentist chair. Opportunities.



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