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The Great $$$ Debate

$$$  to Beget $$$…writing is a business, a creative roller coaster but still a business. Once the concept penetrated my brain’s right and left side this author has had to make numerous decisions revolving this debate. When $$$ is invested how much, when, and what’s the proper status ratio of gain vs loss? Even I don’t understand that last question.

Should I buy liability insurance? Is a crashed computer worth the cost of time, $$$, and energy for instillation of new security scanners or should I just make Mr. Best and Mr. Buy richer and purchase a new laptop? Perhaps returning to the yellow legal pad is wiser.

When the RWA convenes in Atlanta this July should I buy an expensive ad in the Romantic Times magazine? Rumors abound that copies will be free to all who attend. I don’t know. I’ve never been. Should I go? I don’t do crowds.

And Word Press…should I hire their specialist or a publicist to implement my ideas for this website? Surely, I don’t know. Shirely doesn’t either…; )

Spending our resources (time, energy and $$$) for creativity is essential but it hurts. However, do not get me started on health insurance! Thank you.   

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Home from the Motherland

As a child I learned the succession of the English monarchy before the US Presidents. They’re easier…Henry the 8th, Elizabeth I, George 1,2,3,4 , “Silly Billy”, Victoria, George 5,6 and Elizabeth II.

My most recent pilgrimage to the motherland reviewed my lessons, presented a plethora of plots, and a series of settings which could and hopefully will be used in romantic historical novels created to knock your socks off.

Shedding the “pounds” (don’t I wish) was great fun because I know I could use them as a tax deduction for my newly formed LLC. This writing career might make me as crazy as some of the English kings but at least my name isn’t George.

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