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Lake Shore Drive,  Silly.

I was thoroughly enjoying my rapid-as-I-can walk in the early autumn swamp. While passing an enviously adorable old large three-story family summer cottage, I remembered that my new (book 4) heroine, Catherine, has a date at sunset. She promised my new hero, Trevor, to meet him at this very spot. I picked up my pace to hurry home. I hadn’t written that lovely scene yet. Catherine’s still hiding in the thick underbrush watching Trevor recover from a near death shooting. His future brother-in-law mistakenly took him for a southern black bear. Right.

Should she call him? Should she text for help? Should she Google for the rate of near misses at  black bears?

Of course not, it’s 1908. This is my first historical romance and if you can’t tell, I’m excited. I love writing.

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”  Jonathan Winters

There’s not much of a connection unless you’re a writer, who lives on a lake, near the ocean, hoping to increase sales of Swamp Run, Swamp Secret and soon to be released Swamp Home.  Catherine and Trevor are not titled yet, sorry.















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The Value of Reviews

Top Seller!   Best Selling!    Strong Characters!    Intriguing Plot!     Stunning Setting!

There are wordier reviews, but I’m learning to appreciate the power of short and shuttle.  During my pre-writing days as a reader I would usually skip over most of the subjective comments, especially those after the title page. Remember the days before e-readers? 

However, as an author trying to increase my bothersome numbers, I’ve become aware of the strength and importance of a great (5*) or even a good (4*) review. I study the e-book sites to count my lucky stars. They’re boosts to my ego and they urge me on to meet my daily goals and to write a few more pages on my WIP…work in progress. 

Concerning review consequences…negativity and cost. …my Twitter account left me with a bit of wisdom.  

“Who gives a flying flip pity dip if someone pays for a review.”  Amy MacKinnon – author

“What others think of you is none of your business.”  Mike Wells – author

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Driving to a much anticipated luncheon with my Critters (my critique foursome) and a chapter meeting of Romance Writers, I had been without Mr. On Star for quite some time. I love Mr. On Star. I’m addicted to Mr. On Star.  Also, I had been without The Necessary for quite some time. For those of you living in this century…bathroom. I was a bit zonked.

Even during my rush I thought the once familiar restroom had been redesigned. I had completed my task when a man had walked in, stared at me and promptly walked out.  As I washed my hands the mirror image of three urinals sent me into panic attack mode.

I enjoyed my luncheon with my Critters. I learned a lot. I enjoyed our meeting. Historical romance author Katharine Ashe was informative and entertaining. I learned how to create my own historical romance novel stronger. I learned a lot. Too bad the 19th century urinals are so very different. I have learned a lot.

Ergo, why have separate rooms if they are so very similar and necessary?

My apologizes to all male guests and employees of a certain Mellow Mushroom. I really like mushrooms. Honestly.


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Snail Mail

My snail mail box held a surprise yesterday, a pleasant one, not love letters from the county property tax office either. There was a package containing one previously loved paperback. No, not one of mine.

A reader, bless her heart, sent me her copy of Catherine Coulter’s Impluse.

There’s two compliments here. One, she thought enough of me to go to the trouble to send a great example of romantic suspense. Second, she hoped I would learn from one of my genre masters.

I appreciate all of my readers for reasons beyond the obvious. Therefore, when they communicate I’m doubly blessed. I’m learning a great deal about this fascinating business and now believe my readers are the best!  

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