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Thanksgiving Critters

A great writer-friend, talented and fellow blogger, Nancy LaPonzina, won a blue ribbon last year from Chanticleer Book Review writing contest. Her entry was her first novel, Nardi Point. She was thankful and I was proud of her.

She encouraged me to do the same this year.

 She often blogs about her writing life and its numerous blessings. “Ah, the writing life” is her song of praise. This Thanksgiving I find my blessing count higher because of my Chanticleer entry, my writing life, and my friend and fellow critique partner, Nancy, a true Critter. She can be found at

Provide Healthy Servings of Blessings this Holiday Season and Keep Reading.



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Dancing in the Kitchen

Decades before I understood the term euphoria I called it “Dancing in the Kitchen”.  Sixth grade: Charles Archibald winked at me. I danced in the kitchen. (I’ve got to save that name in my character folder.) Eleventh grade: Jack Shall-Remain-Nameless, a varsity basketball player, asked me out…on a date, silly. I danced in the kitchen. My college days were full of romantic euphoria because I attended a 4:1 ratio of boys to girls center of “education”. The opportunity to dance in the kitchen were numerous since I was in a heterosexual haven… for females. Those were the days when we hadn’t waded through the racial issues of the day, let alone the gender problems, but that’s another post.  

In my current Writing World my first dance in front of the microwave, which by the way recently died, (trying warming Thanksgiving leftovers without one…) was in honor of an agent call back, which later turned out quite sour, but that’s another post. Fortunately, there have been other occasions, such as publications of my Swamp Series and invitations to book signings.

My most recent dance was in honor of Chanticleer Reviews. My second novel, Swamp Secret, is a finalist in their Romantic Fiction Writing Contest. I’m humbled to think a stranger read and enjoyed my work. Of course, probably there were four entries but it’s an excuse to wear out my kitchen floor.

Besides dancing I also use my kitchen for meal preparation and since my microwave died I now need all entirely new appliances. Right? When my car’s CD player broke I bought a new car and anyway, I need a new floor for future dancing. Hopefully.




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A Day Late and Still Short

For my Sunday Blog Post on a Monday…it’s a beautifully colorful morning in my swamp. The blues of God’s heaven are peaking around off-white Excedrine-shaped clouds. The waters are ranging from chartreuse to a light Carolina blue.  Even the gray squirrels thankfully dance among the delightfully numerous shades of brown tree limbs and autumn colors.

A friend, a dear one at that, writes a blog that will lift you and your spirits and she often mentions our swamp and its mysterious manners. Check out Lisa’s Cheap Therapy Blog on Word Press.  Her envious descriptions sooth the alligators into their seasonal hibernation. Yup, that good.

Since I’m still waiting for the red-line edits of Swamp Home from my publisher, Rebel Ink Press, I’ll continue to draft my 4th book, Gray Lace, (a working title)in both yellow and white, on both legal pads and lap tops. At this point in the plot Trevor and Catherine are stuck between my swamp and Charleston, South Carolina in 1908. Nope, can’t take I-95.


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Writing But Not Really

Yesterday was productive, but my WIP would disagree. I attended a writers’ workshop, read a fantastic novel and wrote its review. Yet, my creation station saw me naught…not. The workshop was produced by my local library and I expected to leave early. In fact I nearly didn’t make it, but that another Sunday post.

Once there, Susan Sloate, (Steeling Fire and Forward to Camelot) inspired me to listen for an hour of incentives. Her keynote speech entitled The Writer’s Life impressed her audience with the realisms of difficult work. She gifted me during the second hour with noted valuable tips about Creating an Amazon Bestseller or how to use Amazon to a fuller advantage. Sabrina Jeffries was next and dear reader, she knocked my socks off with advice about sagging middles, snappy dialogue and What the Duke Desires. I arrived home to an email from a talented writer, David McIver, asking “Well, what do you think?” Egad! I had forgotten my promise to read his novel, RV-The Accident, and write a review. For the next several hours I was engrossed in a riveting novel of suspense. He’ll be invited to speak at writers workshops soon. Yes, he’s that good.

Now, my WIP- Gray Lace- is screaming for attention. He (yes, my books are male) is stomping his folder and enjoying a spoiled little boy’s hissy fit. My mother would say he’s having a fit and falling in it.


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