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GREAT Britain

I love England. There’s a reason they call it Great.

Three weeks ago I had the grand and fortunate opportunity (which I jumped at) to jump the pond. I spent a three day weekend in London absorbing story poppers, writing ideas. I do wish I had had the time to continue my adoration of English countryside, but my family, The Pond Jumpers, rode their excellent train service and came to me.

My imagination gathered stories starting at the American Airline Security Gates and never stopping until I arrived home. I’d list them here but I’m not that generous to any author-readers and Word Press might not like the space I’d gobble up, but I’ll prioritize.

One of my favorites occurred on the River Thames. The touristy boat ride wasn’t crowded, which helped indeed. The river perspective of The Tower of London’s Traitor’s Gate sent shivers to my character-descriptive-department. Try to imagine your emotions as you rode, wrists tide, freezing river water spray in your face, in a rowboat to your imprisonment and execution. The usual Tower Tour didn’t grab the author in me like the river did.

Another favorite was The Eye. Yes, it’s also touristy and crowded, but I hadn’t been and I wanted to experience London from above. Amazing! No wonder that tourist site makes more money than the others combined, or so I’ve read. The familiar and majestic buildings stood tall for me as if they were competing for my attention. They seemed to scream, “Use me. Use me in your next story. I have heart and mysteries.”

Therefore, thanks to my family on both sides of the pond, for the all too brief but beautiful weekend. Pond Jumping can be expensive but rewarding. The returns are GREAT.

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Available March 17, 2014 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and All Romance.

After losing her husband, agriculturalist Garret Chase relocates to Lake Wheatley, North Carolina to heal her broken heart and escape her suffocating in-laws. The lake’s environmental issues with the hydrilla weed and farmland run-off is just the challenge Garret welcomes as a healing distraction to the emotional knot of widowhood. Can she make a difference? Can Lake Wheatley provide an appreciated distance from her in-laws’ strangling emotional hold?

AFT undercover agent Cain McIver searches for his brother’s murderer using the North Carolina Park Service at Lake Wheatley for his cover. Will revenge reduce its hold on Cain when his strongest witness needs him for her very survival? Will their basic pursuit of justice, emotional healing, and a secure Home be satisfied in this beautiful but dangerous Swamp?

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The Third Dance

Dancing in the kitchen is my manner of celebration. It’s good exercise. There’s no calorie in-take. Not many people witness my ego trip. My third book, Swamp Home, has recently been released by my beloved Rebel Ink Press and yes, I danced my third dance in the kitchen.

Promotion is my least favorite part of this crazy but wonderful business (not including rejections), so this month of release is anxiously exciting. For example my local media announced the release along with a positive review, but I’d forgotten that I requested it. Imagine my surprise when my strongest fan greeted my dance in the kitchen with the morning paper. My critique team, street team, media friends, and immediate family along with far and away relatives have written. It’s better than a thousand Christmas cards. 

Now, in honor of the dance, let’s try a give-away. I have a few small swamp survival kits. Please think really small. If you are one of the first to contact me through this site or through I’ll try my best to send a kit to you. Remember, we’ll have to exchange snail-mail addresses.

Thank you, dear readers for inviting me to this dance.

As any author knows this is also the time to keep writing. Gray Lace is my first historical romance and it is also set in the swamps. I’d better get back to the swamp if I want to dance to a fourth tune in the kitchen.

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A Home in my Swamp

Swamp Home: A Rebel Ink Press March 17 Release

Garret and Cain are a mess. She’s too fearful for her own good health. He’s too revengeful for his .

Luckily, they both live on the swampy shores of Lake Wheatley in the Eastern Carolinas. This lake, with its healing powers of Biblical proportions, has already given them some individual peace of mind.

Then they meet.

They meet on the lake beside a dead naked body. New mysteries begins, but these have their hearts. Together they’ll manage to solve the questions and discover the Home in the Swamp they need.

I hope you’ll read and come home to my swamp.


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