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Say Something Nice

From speaking with other authors it is my general understanding that most do not have literary liability insurance. I do. While negotiating my premium for this year the prices would have been higher if I chose to insure this blog and website. That’s any website and blog, sorry Mr. WordPress, no offense intended. It is a fact that the consumer gambles against the odds that something bad will happen. 

Where’s faith, people?

Our blogs should reflect the Bambi and Flower Program: “if you can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all.” 

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. 

Being nice saves money. There’s no need to buy liability insurance if you behave. 



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Rude Characters

As an author you’re the director, producer, and the costume procurement officer. You move your characters like chessmen in order to achieve the goals you set for them. Or, in my case, the objectives they tell me. Yes, I hear voices.
Today I wrote a scene where my heroine has been shot in the arm and the doctor has arrived with his bag. “What’s in the bag?” She asks me. “Shouldn’t he check my blood pressure? I’m feeling faint.”
So, I write about the doctor pulling out a cuff monitor and his stethoscope out of the little black bag and wham! “Hay! Wait!” My rude “Shero” is screaming at me again, “It’s 1908! Can he do that? Don’t let me bleed to death. There are ten more chapters to go. Research!”
Research eats away at my valuable time. I want to write out the scene, but she’s on the floor glaring at me to stop writing and “Wickipedia-it!”
Enough! BTW: yes, the doctor’s good by three years.

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No Damages

Here in my swamp (Lake Wheatley for my readers) there are two springtime visitors who are at times bothersome, yet entertaining. The Minges are small and numerous, really numerous. Think infinity. The Mayflies are not as numerous, but stick to everything, especially light colors. There are some avid joggers and walkers who wear black during the brief time we share our planet with these curious critters.

Here in the wide world of romantic adventure novels there are numerous, really numerous, stories which stick. They stick in our memories, on our shelves, and in our e-books. Talented authors such as Tasha Alexander, Grace Burrowes, Louise Penny, Deanna Raybourn, and yes, Eleanor Tatum, they often create stories that stick.

The Minges, the Mayflies, and the above authors stick, but they cause no damages. We entertain.


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Not Bar Hopping

While playing typical tourists trapped in a nearby coastal town, my strongest supporter/fan and friendly-husband combination surprisingly suggested a visit to a bookstore. He urged me to leave my business card with the owner. She informed me that she usually buys only local authors’ works, but she’d “look into it”. It wasn’t a no, because she asked for my phone number.

After a few blocks of ambling and a cone of Bear Tracks ice cream, he nudged me into another bookstore. This one was older, crowded with toppling towers of books, far less organized and far more interesting. The nooks and crannies had those coveted over-stuffed chairs and promises of delivered lemonade.

“OMG!  Yes! I want you to speak about your books. Call me to set up a signing.”

I noted my husband’s grin. Why wasn’t I suspicious?

The answer was a guitar-pawn shop next door. My 1970’s rock-star lover is a clever business bargain-master. I couldn’t say no. Fortunately his quest, a Taylor wasn’t available, but they had a Martin.

I taught a Martin Taylor many decades before.

I enjoyed my bookstore hopping.



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