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The Best Thing Since

“The best thing since sliced bread.” Annie to Daddy Warbucks.

“The best thing since Caller ID.” Eleanor Tatum, Author

A few years ago, oh all right several years ago, when telephones came out with caller identification, I danced in the kitchen! I loved it.

I became empowered. I decided who to talk to and when. My voice mail introduction included the warning, “I’ll call you back… maybe.”

I’m so good at being a snob. Not something to be proud of? Maybe not, but snobbery can be a sanity saver.

“The best thing since Netflix.” Eleanor Tatum, occasional author.

There are no commercials. There’re are a gazillon choices. They’re not terribly expensive. Wonderful!  Maybe…

Warning: every story has two sides. The Series, the made for TV series. Those shows, movies, and documentaries produced for an hour, once a week, NOT for one day! It’s an addiction, like sugar. Mad Men, House of Cards, Boss…I have to find out what happens next!

I can’t turn it off…ahhhhh.NO writing done that day.


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Murder on the Keyboard

There truly are mysterious keys that eat entire paragraphs in a single bound. It has happened to me in various locations and on different computers. Perhaps a history lesson is needed as a clue to apprehending the felon. Somewhere between the 1960s and the 70s teenagers were no longer required to study typing or keyboarding. It was called progressive ed. Right. More like Murder 101.

I never learned to type. I’m a “selfie”.  Yes, Word Press, you may underline that word in red!

Several decades later my lap tops are making me pay the piper, whoever he/she is. I have caught myself staring at the keys, deep into my character’s misbehavior, then WHAM! …I’ll look up at attached monitor and the world’s greatest writing, an entire paragraph, has been consumed, eaten, gone. I’ve no idea what I did wrong. Ignorance is nine tenths of the law. Right? 

Help! What key did I pound, hit, and kill that caused such destruction?

When I grow up I want to write murder mysteries and learn how to type.


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