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Thirty Seconds of Panic

Almost 30 years ago my second child disappeared from our backyard. I ran around the house to the front. No baby. I ran around to the back. No baby, but our older toddler was laughing hysterically. I am not a blond-mommy, but my panic blocked any logic. I raced in the same circle again. Thirty seconds had passed before said baby was found back where we started.

Yes, I’ve read Winnie the Pooh!

Thirty hours ago chapter seven of my fourth baby, I mean book, Gray Lace, disappeared from my revisions. I panicked. I raced to the hard copy made of yellow legal pads. I ran to the computer files with individual chapters. Finally, I forced myself to rewrite what I remembered.

Thankfully, the Pooh story of following his own footsteps floated  through this still-not-blond mommy. My computer had numbered the chapters incorrectly. Not me, of course.


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