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Cathedral in the Sand

I needed the ocean and fortunately it’s close. I don’t spend money on an expensive place or fight the crowds in the warmer months, but I so need to walk on a deserted winter beach. Yesterday my family protectively asked, “Are you walking left or right?” A retiree’s question for sure. I choose right. “Good” they replied. “Walk to the pier. It’s not far.” Not that easy either.

The terns and seagulls didn’t seem to mind me nor me them. My mind was clear for once; Gray Lace (Book 4) waited for my editor’s red pen. My mind excitedly allowed new story plots and characters to “zoop, zoop, zoop” through the nooks and crannies of my feeble mind. They ignored me while I admired them. It was their ugly company that had me cursing Alfred Hitchcock and his Birds, (always hated that movie). Three humungous turkey buzzards dinned on some poor sea animal.

Walk past them? No. The journey to the pier had to wait. I slowly walked back and forth until two out of three buzzards buzzed off. I then felt comfortable giving the third critter a wide berth and headed to one of my favorite spots on any beach, under the pier.

I arrived in my sandy cathedral. I stood under the wooden pier as crashing waves tumble toward me and the wooden beams creak out a spiritual song. The sounds harmonized and strengthened my new characters and plots hidden in my nooks and crannies. My characters told me the beginnings of their stories as I reluctantly walked home, but anxiously wished for a pen and paper.

Oh, thanks to my mother-in-law for the “zoop”.
Gray Lace will hopefully be released in early March 2015 by Rebel Ink Press.

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