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A Writer’s Blessing

At the moment I”m alone. Well, not really. The plumber and his team are upstairs replacing our old tub with a walk-in shower for the elderly, not for me ūüôā¬† This fascinating character¬†and his crew are a blog post or even a novel all on their own, but I digress.

At the moment I’m alone, like most authors are.¬† However, I’m blessed. I’m a fourth in a group of talented writers.¬†We started out as eager novices, finding one another in a state-wide group, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers.¬† Today, the last to become contracted signed a three-book deal with Random House/ Loveswept!¬† We call ourselves¬†The Critters (critiquing¬†and plotting one another’s work) and we have been texting, emailing, and “dancing in the kitchen” with the excitement that comes with acceptance into the world of publication. This dance is enjoyed even when one is alone. We’ve been using capital letters and explanation points all day

Please Google these amazing authors…I mean Creative Critters: Annie Rains, Nancy¬†LaPonzina, and Rachel Lacey.

Oh! Today I signed a new contract for my fourth book, Gray Lace, with the fabulous people at Rebel Ink Press.  There are plans for a March 2015 release!


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Sweet and Convenient

Cereal bars? Marriage? No, historical romances.

Sweet I understand, some romantic heat, but convenient?

Yes. First, for the author, it is similar to enjoying homework only fifty years later. The Jim Crow Laws weren’t nearly as fascinating for me in junior high…wait, it’s called middle school now, right? Research¬†is convenient learning. It’s helpful, relevant to my characters. Then there’s revisions, editing, and proofreading. ¬†In Mrs. Swanson’s sophomore English those directives¬†made the natural acid in my stomach churn. Now, it’s not so bad, the acid joyfully jiggles. It’s convenient to my constitution.

Secondly, for the¬†readers, I thoroughly enjoy reading historical romances by Tasha Alexander, Grace Burrowes, and Deanna Raybourn. Their writing¬†brings on toe tingling because the smart plot supports the adventures of the romantic characters. More importantly, I learn¬†historical facts from clothing and food details to royal successions and the Prime Minister’s philosophy on world trade.

Finally, Gray Lace, my fourth book, (to be released in March), is sweet and convenient, but I did not include a British Prime Minister, but there is a rude congressman. Surprised?


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