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Gray Lace

Charleston and the Carolina swamps of 1908 embrace the dangers of revenge and rescue.

Wealthy, 1908 Charleston socialite, Catherine Randolph, enjoys her languid South Carolina way of life until family greed crafts a treacherous plan to have her kidnapped. Narrowly escaping the sly plan, Catherine must find sanctuary in the swamps to the north. Can she find friends to help her survive, allies to return her to Charleston, and wise council for revenge?

Lord Trevor Coffman hunts for an heiress bride to save his entailed and neglected estate in England. Leaving two younger brothers behind, Trevor nervously travels by train from Boston to the southeastern American swamps with his future brother-in-law to an elitist hunting camp. There he meets the Garrets and their strangely polished and brave assistant. Can Trevor save his family, discover the truth about his fiancée’s brother, and learn to help himself by giving to others?

My publisher, Rebel Ink Press, now has my fourth child…book… and I’m organizing a marketing plan. Chuckle.

In my next post let’s argue over the merits of blurbs….interesting word that.


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Final Appreciation

My appreciative thoughts are being sent to Rebel Ink Press for sending the “final” redline edits for my fourth book, my first historical romance, Gray Lace. I’m hoping for a mid April release, okay, maybe May.

The setting for all my books have been in the swamps of the Carolinas, but Gray Lace is in 1908. No zapping your coffee in the Keurig or microwave. Now, soon my characters, Trevor and Catherine, will demand to be interviewed, and they will. However, for now, a few more “authory” words about redline edits.

My manuscript was as polished as I could manage. It had been raked over by my expert readers. She (Gray Lace) has been outlined, researched, typed, bled over, orally spit out, and presented to a critically helpful book club. Gray Lace was ready.

I sent her off to Rebel Ink Press with my prayers.

In their wisdom, they sent her back.

Yes, I agree, there’s more to be done. This is my last chance,


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