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Trevor: Are you blushing, Miss Eleanor, about my …what do you Colonists call it?…living, what do I do for a living?

Eleanor: Of course not. Now, let’s get back to those swamps. Why were you there?

Trevor: Supposedly hunting for black bear. Actually, my objective was to keep my host and future brother-in-law happy. I needed his money. Edgar Cranfield and I shared lecture notes and a few historical bits during our Oxford days. We graduated and he came back to his sister, and their railroads. The British economy had me in a thorn brumble. I was responsible for the support of my two younger brothers, so I came over here to court the Cranfield money.

Eleanor: Needed? You’re no longer are in debt?

Trevor: Blessings come in many forms, my dear. (Leaning forward to be on eye level)  Catherine Marie Randolph. She’s an adventurous, brave, and intelligent beauty who needed my help. She was a bit miffed when she learned about my brothers, but we worked out our problems between hurricanes, bank robberies, and a murder.

Eleanor: Gracious, all of that in a swamp?

Trevor: No, (Leaning back and laughing) we managed to travel to Charleston and back to the swamps around Lake Wheatley before our lives settled. (Tilting his head slightly) Did I mention the chickens? Killer Chicken?

Eleanor: Enough!  I’ll ask Miss Randolph about the chickens.

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Eleanor: First of all I must begin by saying communicating through time is new to me. Hopefully, 1908 will be friendly to 2015. Secondly, interviewing British royalty is a thrill. Welcome Your Lordship.

Trevor: Thank you. It is a pleasure to speak over time, but I’m not royalty. I believe the correct term is gentry. I’m a member of the royal court, or I was, but not related to King Edward VII or his cousins.

Eleanor: Oh, well then, let’s begin at the beginning. Where were you born?

Trevor: Birchmere Halls, County Kent in 1880.

Eleanor: Birchmere Halls? Is that your family’s home?

Trevor: Ah, I need to remember that you’re an American. No, my family seat is Warrenwood Park. Birchmere Halls was our family’s favorite retreat from the smells and sounds of city life. London can be…well, interesting.

Eleanor: (Laughs) It still is. What exactly do you …do? I mean for a living?

Trevor:  Do? Oh, are you referring to insuring an income for substantial existence?

Eleanor: Yes, I think I am. However, for now…


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