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Eleanor: Welcome back, Miss Catherine. Now, you promised. Tell us about Killer Chicken.

Catherine: Of course. Joanne and I were enjoying a swim in a delightful pond while Trevor guarded us. Ross had gone to scout out a campsite further down the railroad tracks. We finished our bath and Ross returned at the same time. I acted the flirt and had Trevor’s attention until Ross yelled out an alarm. “Watch out for Killer Chicken!”  There was the biggest rooster I’d ever seen. He focused on harming Trevor, a threat to his harem of five hearty hens who followed. Killer Chicken attacked, forcing Trevor to hide behind Joanne and then me. Evidently KC would have harmed both Ross and Trevor, but liked us. It was terribly hilarious. Finally Joanne picked up a hen and the rooster stared at her for a few seconds then turned and retreated into the woods with the remainder of his family.

Eleanor: Thank you. That was fun. Once you arrived in Charleston what was your largest challenge? Was it the prejudice against Joanne and Jacob or perhaps your step-father’s greed?

Catherine: The prejudice. John and Jared Pettigrew were just two greedy men while general meanness, because of race or religion, is unjustified. In 1908 there were few laws protecting minorities. Greed will be with us forever, no doubt.

Eleanor: I agree. There are several characters in your adventures. Tell us about Kirsten, one of my favorites.

Catherine: Miss Kirsten was our beloved mature anchor. She arrived as we needed strong advice. She had her own program, her own objectives, but she put us first. All of us, all of my friends, benefitted from her invaluable assistance. Hopefully she’ll reappear and help the younger Coffman brothers. I plan to take great care of Trevor myself. (Smile)

Eleanor: Is that right? (Smile)

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Catherine’s Turn

Eleanor: Today I’m interviewing Catherine Marie Randolph of my fourth novel and first historical, Gray Lace. Miss Randolph, where were you born?

Catherine: Charleston, South Carolina

Eleanor: You certainly have wonderful posture or are you nervous?

Catherine: I’m stiff. I’m stiff because you started this odd conversation…stiffly. I suppose my birth information is a good starting point for a dry historical document, but you created a world for me that’s anything but dry, dull, or …stiff.

Eleanor: Thank you. Then allow me to start again. What do you like best about the world I created?

Catherine: (Her posture relaxed a bit and a smile tugged at her lips.)  Besides Trevor?  Well, the colors. The Carolinas are beautiful and the fall season you threw me into have lovely muted reds, yellows and greens. Oh, wait! The friends! After my romantic adventures with Lord Coffman, Trevor, I’d have to list the Garrets; Ross and Joanne. Oh, and (She sat up straight again and scooted toward the edge of her seat.) there’s dear Jacob and the others.

Eleanor: I’ve interviewed the handsome Trevor Coffman, Earl of Warrenwood, and of course I know Garrets quite well. Their descendant, Garret Chase, is the “shero” of my third novel, Swamp Home.  So, you enjoyed the swamps. I’m glad, really, I am. What type of wildlife did you admire the most?

Catherine: Well, let’s see. (She sat back a bit.) I respect the black bear and alligators. The cranes, ducks, and turtles are quite noble. My favorite, however, has to be Killer Chicken. I’ll explain in part two. ( She winked.)

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