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Evolving Favorites

Lately many writers’ “How-to” books put me to sleep; not the workbooks…they make me run for my Tums. I’ve decided I learn more about the art of story telling by reading what I like, the genre I write.

Even that is evolving.

Is it my belief system of right and comfortable that forces a blush in order to read, let alone write, anything beyond “sweet heat” in romantic fiction or to become sickened and fearful at violent horror? My genre has shifted or evolved from less romance to more mystery. There will be love! There will be attraction and wishful dreams surrounding some of my characters, but they will also be involved in curious “Who Done Did Its”.

Finding the heart in the mystery

Therefore: my Kindle and library┬áhave made room for more Louise Penny, Tasha Alexander, and Deanna Raybourn, less heaving muscles and bounteous bosoms. Although, I still learn from them and enjoy re-reading their “How-to” books.


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