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Beware of Words

Egad! Indeed!

Obviously, keeping up with my  goal number of blog entries is lacking in discipline and possibly words as well. I’ve just written to my ever patient publisher at Rebel Ink Press about discipline. I don’t think she believed me.

I did want to post about the differences between a book review and a new book announcement, (something I recently learned) but my Other World delegated otherwise. Authors understand about Other Worlds; families, communities, housekeeping, ouch. Oh, BTW: I’m a first time grandmother and I love it! Several points for The Other World.

Returning now to The Writing World: today I pushed aside TOW and found the words!

A review of my fourth novel, Gray Lace,  appeared in my local paper after an uncomfortable wait. (Is there a comfortable wait? Oh, yes, my appointment for a root canal.)  I was so pleased that I wrote a thank you note to the paper’s editor. I promptly received a thank you for my thank you, but he also informed me that his paper does not publish reviews. Good Gosh! A war of words.

Reviews verses Announcements.

Still, I’m grateful for the battle. Promoting is not the strongest department in my writing business, in my Writing World.


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