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In Congress

I’m honored to have a cousin, nearly two decades older, from whom I benefit. From his mistakes.

Several years ago he had called one of our eccentric aunts to inform her of his new job in Washington, DC. He got no further than the word congress before she had broadcast, “Julian’s in Congress!”  It became one of our family’s jokes as he began his successful career in The Library of …

Decades later I, too, am in Congress. My fourth novel’s registration number and certificate arrived for Gray Lace. When I received the official heavy-paper certificate I was excited as the day my first Amazon box of paperbacks sat on my front porch or the acceptance from my publisher for the first three books in my Swamp Series.

However,the current general feeling toward most Congressmen is quite negative. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hoity-toity, but if you’re in DC take a tour of The Library. Maybe you’ll see #SYV2-159-343; not the real number.

Mark Twain: “Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.”


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