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I am a survivor. I’ve finally survived an attempt at Amazon’s Giveaway program. I attempted three adventures into the supposedly simple technological forest of instructions.  

Yes, third time’s a charm and all that rot.  If it wasn’t for my very talented critter-friend’s advice and guidance, the 3rd time maxim would be null and certainly void. 

The first venture fortunately ended with no dents in my Amazon credit card or very small money bag. I’m not sure what went wrong. I must have clicked a “No” button for “Do you want to act intelligent?” 

The second time I did manage to give away five copies to five entries, but not one of them is a new Twitter Tweeter: the objective of a savvy author. 

Finally, on the third expedition I did manage to give away five books to every one hundred people IF they agreed to follow me down that green bricked author road on Twitter. I gained 481 tweeters! Now, If each one would buy a book…


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Study the Negative

In my Writing World I’ve been surging, focusing, oh all right…working on characters strength. In my Other World I’ve been working on my physical strength. Therefore, I’m a character.

I should write “Enough!” here, but I’m not finished, not quite.

In a previous post I credited Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglishi for three publications concerning character strength; The Emotion Thesaurus, The Positive Trait Thesaurus, and The Negative Trait Thesaurus. Being the drama queen of my Writing World I will focus on the negative this time. Besides, what’s a good mystery without negativity?

In my first novel, Swamp Run, my hero (yes, tall and tightly muscled) Joseph Sutton, had flaws, but I should have studied Ackerman and Puglishi first. My readers deserve to have more information. They deserve to know more about his grief over his wife’s murder, his desire for peace-of-mind, and his internal conflicts over ignoring injustices untamed!

Dramatic enough?

There I said it again.

Oh, BTW: Enjoy a Chance to Win my first historical mystery, Gray Lace, on Amazon’s Giveaways.


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