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Go Write That Book

I might have written about my mother-in-law before. If I’m repeating myself, deal with it. I’m going to write about her anyway, again. She passed away this month.

First… my publication history review: 2012-Swamp Run, 2013-Swamp Secret, 2014-Swamp Home and in 2014-Gray Lace. 

“Grandma” had around the clock care (family and others) in her home for three years, 2010-2012. In her home I stayed, often, and often she’d say, “I need a nap. Go and  write that book.”  She later became a resident in a nursing home (2013-2015) where I stayed, often, really often. There she would often say, “Go home and write another book.”

Book five, August Snow, is still in first draft, but Grandma doesn’t need anymore naps. How am I going to write the rest of August Snow?

I miss her already.



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