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Christmas Ribbons

Ah! Finally…Completion of Book Five…well, First Draft…well, Chapters 15 out of a possible 20. His working title is now Gray Snow, not the dirty kind found two days after a beautiful snow. Not that we’ve had any at all here in the southeast. No, this Snow is cotton and the greed surrounding it’s industry in 1910.

Of course “His”. I always work better with men. Sorry, my wonderful female friends. Writing is manipulation of characters. Chuckle.

Merry Christmas! Some authors conduct contests, publish holiday short stories, OR give away glittery gifts. This year I’m giving my fantastic readers three ribbons. From Gray Snow, the first ribbon is a murder, second ribbon is kidnapping, and the third is an art theft. There.

OR, how about a debate over “May vs Might”? May I be one of your favorite authors of historical mysteries? Do I have your permission? Remember Mother May I?  OR, might I interest you in buying my first three books, contemporary romances, The Swamp Series? Am I able to interest you in that genre?  OR, would you like to read the first book in my Gray Series, Gray Lace, now on Amazon?

OR, would you like to tie all these ribbons around my neck…tightly?

Merry Christmas!



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