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February “Nots”

Yes, you’re right. Most blogs this month concern themselves with Groundhogs, Valentines, and George Birthington’s Washday, which is how I caught the attention of a room full of third graders intent on NOT learning the proper use of apostrophes, complete, and incomplete, and run on sentences before there was a Presidents’ Day.

Also, my February posting will NOT concern itself with the sanity, or lack thereof, surrounding me; both political and environmental. Currently some of my suburban neighbors feel it’s their constitutional duty to fire shotguns and this afternoon’s peace will further be disturbed by rapid-fire shots coming from a grandfathered-in community sanctioned practice range that drives out any creativity I might have had!

Furthermore…This blog will NOT concern itself with the addictiveness of the Fit Bit. Being a certified lazy introvert who abhors challenges and tension and stress, I’m keeping up with my focused family to improve my health so I can teach our perfect granddaughter how NOT to write run on sentences and to prove to the abhorrent health insurance industry that I do NOT need them.

So, now you know what I’m NOT writing about.






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