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The Madness of March

Is it a coincidence that North Carolina is holding their primary elections on The Ides of March? Is it an “oxygen-depleter” that there are now four out of seven homes on our street with obnoxious political signs which need to be passed in order to maintain some serious steppage on my Fit Bit?

I write fiction, some historical mysteries. Therefore, the mixing of fact and fiction is driving my madness level far too high. I fell into a “Netflix-binge-hole” with Kevin Stacy and Robin Wright. During House of Cards none of my own writing progressed, but the mixture of reality and fiction was as scary as those political signs. I learned to keep my own characters in the early nineteen hundreds. They heard little from their POTUS, FLOTUS, and SCOTUS. Now, on the other hand, their congressmen were interesting; as corrupt as today, but interesting.

Facebook and Twitter and North Carolina are full of March Madness. Our congressional districts are under a court order to re-draw, therefore, we’ll have two primaries; one March Madness and the second will be a June Jester.

Oh, one more Ides of March Madness…my lap top is dancing the update shuffle with Mircrosoft 10 and won’t let me write! Frozen. AHHHHH.

My hind sight (while larger than I like) tells me that I’ll need to apologize to my granddaughter for the maddness we’re in this March.


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