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An Ode

to Politicians:

Spring Has Sprung.

The Grass Has Riz.

I Wonder Where the Wisdom Is?

Wisdom: The ability to make sensible decisions and to give sound advice because of experience and knowledge

Shifting from the political to our writing worlds…there is Fear of the Lack of Wisdom.

Some lack laptops, creative space, and wisdom. We fear the lack of sensible decisions: self pub or  small press? We’re fearful to extremely fearful of the New York City Big Ten (or is it three now?) and the numerous agents who guard their gates. Another fear is Promotional Paranormal Phobia, (to be explained as marketing)

Remember: #1 Keep Writing and #2 Have Fun. If either of these stop, wisdom becomes useless.

The less I know, the happier I am and I am a very happy person. Actually Not.


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