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T-charts. During the last few years of my enjoyable public education career, charts and graphs were big, the thing, in all subjects, even in creative writing. While editing my novel, Silver Cotton, I developed a chart, a T-chart, to graph the humor and humility in my editing process. Desperate? No, just amazed at my various emotions.

Not being humble, I’ll start there. I would draw it out for you, but I haven’t a clue. Give me a chalk board, or an overhead projector, (remember those?), I’m a master. On WordPress, I’m lost. That’s humbling. Perhaps I’ll sign up for their Bloggin University.

Another humility: commas. My helpful editing pals are using a great deal of red ink on clauses, conjunctions, and parenthetic expressions. Yes, I had a Strunk and White research hour.

Ready for one more listing under the humility side of my T-chart? Try being an author who looses a charcter….yes! Is Dianna still in the barn? Are Trevor and Edward still inside the brothel?

Humor? Under humor I listed wonderfully creative (my evaluation) ideas for the final book, Golden Leaf, in this Gray Lace series. The adopted children, Erin, Burke, and Eton, are lookin forward to new adventures and wise cracks. I gauffaued at returning the meanie from Gray Lace. “Surprise, I’m no longer in a nasty Louisana jail cell,” announces John Pettigrew, reserrected in Golden Leaf.

However, I’ll try to not have She-crap soup. (p or b ?)  Ah, the joys of editing. Try explaining that recipie during a book talk.




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Round IV

Boxing? Olympics? (which I’m enjoying so much more than the negativity of politics or current events) No, this is editing.

My writing life is pretty normal, I understand. There’s not much rhyme or reason to it. At the moment I like most of it. The only department I’m not fond of promo-stuff, marketing, and that is because I’m technologically stupid. Now, the editing: once I finished Aug….Wait!

My fifth novel has a new title! Silver Cotton. I like it.

It fits. My fourth novel, Gray Lace, is an historical mystery and the beginning of this trilogy. Hopefully, Golden Leaf is will be released in summer of 2017. Confused? Maybe this graphic will help.

Gray Lace (1908) Released in 2015

Silver Cotton (1910) Hopefully released in November 2016

Golden Leaf (1912)  Prayerfully released in late summer 2017

“But, I digress”. Editing…the editing of Silver Cotton is now into round 4. My wonderful publisher would appreciate it being on her desk by August 30!  I will continue to tackle commas, spelling, missing minor characters, excessive wording, empathy for my main character, Kirsten Delamere, and emotional moments of mess.

I had best get busy. I learned the hard way that a book full of she-crab soup can be she-crap in no time at all, and very embarrassing during a book talk.

I posted recently on a different media that editing by reading out loud was hilarious and humiliating. True, true, very true.


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