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Google vs Workshop

I don’t get out much. That’s my choice. I claim to be a snob, but really, I’m a devotee to small groups, a maximum of eight. This brings me to my newest writing career decision.

Should I attend a workshop for fifty to eighty women in one room to listen to self-proclaimed research experts speak about the importance of research when writing an historical novel?


Should I register online, charge the high fee on my card, and travel for hours for a class on research skills?


Google it?

Should I join a writers’ group and meet monthly or ask Mr. Wicked? Wait, that’s Wickipedia.  Some historical writers say that’s a dirty word, a no-no.  Should I become an active member in a genre association and spend my valuable resources – limited time and waning energy, and some money?

Ah, the ugly side of my career – researching, or writing, or editing, or promoting.

There is no ugly side.



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The Illusion of Intimacy

That title: I stole it, but it would be too intimate to admit I’m a thief.

My novels: I wrote them, but it would be too intimate to admit that some scenes really happened. Ah, the beauty of fiction.

My business (LLC) promotional abilities: I am weak. Social media and I, we are clueless friends, but it would be too intimate to admit I often dream of hiring an assistant who would master Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even Word Press.

So, an illusion is necessary.

I’ll post blogs as if I understood all aspects of promoting my novels, but it would be too intimate to admit my efforts make enough money to go out to dinner in a third world country, not including the flight over the pond.


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