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The Power of Zero

The zero can be a depressant or a stimulant. The decision is ours. The circumstances around these zeros cause this decision to be difficult.

Practice the Positive.

Why? Well, why not.

This author will continue to do battle with my zeros. They are all over my Word Press Dashboard. They report the number of views and followers, but the zeros are winning. There are also invisible zeros as on the Amazon reports of reviews written. My Gray Lace has had only five reviews for the longest time.

My Pay Pal is no friend; laughing at the lack of zeros to the left of the decimal point.  My publisher, Rebel Ink Press, doe not criticize me, but you can feel their depression streaming through these digital fiber optics.

So, my battle plan: write another Great Book. Silver Cotton will be released on all unsuspecting zeros December 10, 2016.





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Turn Around Don’t Drown

Ah, Matthew. My Carolina Swamps welcomed you and then not so much. We had heard you’d clean the air. Yes, the air became less muggy. Normally, a hurricane brings needed rain, but a few days previously we had all we needed for a while. We also heard  hurricanes help us count our blessings; electricity, clean water, food, shelter.

Maybe because you were really a Him-a-cane.

As a passenger I had no choice. The driver had to gawk. We drove through high water (note my title) that made me wonder if I would finish my next book, Golden Leaf. My wonderful publisher has Silver Cotton almost ready for you.

Please forgive the commercial.

Ah, the story plots that I jotted on my ever present yellow pad. We drove to gawk and photograph downed trees tangled with electrical wires, damaged buildings, swamped swamps, and delighted alligators.  I had expected a dozen tall narrow pines to destroy my home simultaneously. I had planned to loose electrical power for days. I just knew my home would be flooded.

Maybe it was the prayer, or that one time I did something good for someone. Not sure why. For that matter why did the good people I know have destruction and I did not? Why do bad things happens to good people or the other way around?

Count your blessings, everyone.







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