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My daughter and son-in-law have a verbal signal of distress when specifically needed in the wild-world of child care. My grand daughter is well cared for by both parents and one reason is their mutual response to the “Support” call. Diapers are hurriedly supplied. Missing favorite toys are quickly found. Prayer-time milk  is delivered before sleepy eyes remember to cry. This system is greatly admired.

While I do not scream “support” (usually),  I do get it in my wild-world of writing. First is my husband. He is my strongest fan: listening, spending money, and offering advice from technology to valued thoughts on the human condition; of which I am often oblivious.

Second, my friends, yes, I have some, a few. They edit, suggest, and write reviews! Sometimes they buy my books and pat me on my head; not too hard.

Last, but not least (I like that phrase) there are the retailers who allow all of my books to appear in their establishments. One is a gift shop in The Waccamaw Depot Museum. Another is a restaurant, Dales Seafood on Lake Waccamaw  and the third is an adorable independent bookstore in Fayetteville, NC;  Center City Gallery and Books.

No, this is not an ad. This is my blog.



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Idiot Proof Reviews

A friend, “bless her heart”,  (as they say in the south), and I were discussing how much money I make with “this here writing stuff”. I told her I make enough to go out to dinner in a third world country, not including air fare. She asked how she could help to sell my books. I explained about the importance of reviews, especially those on Amazon and she asked for “Idiot Proof Directions”.

  1. Go to Amazon
  2. Type Eleanor Tatum
  3. Click on Silver Cotton (or any of my books for that matter)
  4. Scroll down to “Write a Review”
  5. Write a few sentences.

Silver Cotton has six reviews now, but I’m begging for 20.  Read those on my page for some creative suggestions.

Why is this part of promotional work so difficult for me?

My brother, The Slob, (as we tease in the north), said it best, “Write a better book.”

He calls me The Boss….



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