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Embrace the Crazy

If I am going to be in a crowd, it had better be two to eight people. I am not sociable and yet this month I have agreed to attend, organize, and entertain troops of more than my maximum.  I  come by this craziness naturally, but more about that later. First, this is Mark Twain’s fault. He said, “Do something every day that you don’t want to do. This is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain.”

Ouch, this hurts. A book club in town has invited me to speak and they know not what they do! For weeks I practice with fancy note cards, change those cards with my every hissy-fit, and prepare bribes. Packing up copies of Gray Lace and Silver Cotton, I also make room for my other novels, artifacts of historical note, and bribes (door prizes).

I sure hope they will not regret this.

Two days later, my pain tolerance will embrace the craziness by planning and producing a wedding shower for my niece; not just any niece, THE niece. Wait, I hope no one in England reads this. Can a aunt have two THE nieces? Craziness with 35 to 50 people? Oh, I do have three GREAT THE Nieces, as well. Another post.

Craziness comes upon me naturally; inherited they say. Some cousin locked in an attic and making my ice cream melt when I was far younger than today. And I’m drafting Chapter Eleven today of Golden Leaf (book three of my Gray Lace historical mystery series).

You see, this is not a political post…



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