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Fake Liars

Just heard Father Brown, of PBS fame, say, “All actors and writers are liars.” As my Algebra teacher would say when we had proven a logarithm, “True, true, very true.”

So which is it?

Fake News,¬†Acceptable Madness, or Covffef? Just how crazy may an historical mystery liar, I mean writer, become before her genre transforms into fantasy?¬† Is this even a healthy question for Raleigh and/Washington? (Sorry, it’s difficult to behave.)

My current favorite character, Kirsten Delamere, recently forced her jewel-topped hat pin into the ear of one of her antagonists in Golden Leaf, my third historical mystery in my Gray Lace series. (I saw that scene on Midsommer Murders. Is that stealing?)

Don’t bother rushing to Amazon to discover if I am telling the truth, if Miss Delamere actually did that deadly deed. I haven’t told my editor yet. You know, those wonderful folks at Rebel Ink Press. Therefore, it would be difficult to ascertain the truth of an event in a fictional setting or as in today’s headlines: “Find the lie in the fake news.”

Although, in Silver Cotton, Kirsten Delamere wished she had a hat pin to stick in Harold Mensing’s ear. At least I think she wished it. It’s difficult to ascertain the truth from a fictional character, even if you are the liar who created her. I could ask Harold.



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