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“Is that right?”

October, a long time favorite, is rapidly being swallowed by my Editing Cave. I have spent a phenomenal amount of time in there with Golden Leaf, my soon to be published sixth novel.  I have blessed my editor/publisher, Rebel Ink Press, with my favorite character, Mrs. K, because she whispered, “Is that right?”

Meaning? Definition? From whence has that quote cometh?  You cannot google it. Well, you can try.

My father-in-law, a WWII veteran, knew how to listen. He could listen to a room full of arguing souls, using a sly grin to communicate that he was conscious. He would keep his own counsel, wait for a recess in the noise, and then when all heads turned for his input, one and all heard his quiet voice, “Is that right”.  It was a statement, a strong one, that was understood and later appreciated as… “the end”, cease and desist, what does it matter, a dare to continue, and possibly a there’s more to this story.

I enjoy using his wisdom to end my stories. Thank you, Papa.

Enough! (my father’s quote)


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