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Death of a Beloved

As an author not yet recognized by literary agents from NYC and not smart enough to figure out indie publishing, the closure of my beloved small press, Rebel Ink Press, has put me in the moods and insecurities of life’s typical bumps; death of a parent, divorce, job loss, miscarriage, difficult health diagnosis,  April 15th.

Rebel Ink Press has been quite professional through this. My RIPress (no RIP pun really intended) has promised to honor their contract to publish my most recent novel Golden Leaf. They have promised to return all rights to publish my other novels elsewhere. There’s a word for that – privilege to retrieve what you created. Is that one word?

They have given plenty of time for me to gather my eggs, but I’m nervous about the hen house.

I know nothing. The world of agents, traditional contracts, independent publishing, cover art, promoting my creations, and other monsters have taken on a factory warehouse of fear. I’m studying copies of Writers’ Digest. I should rejoin writer organizations. I should be researching my next project. I should have a glass of wine.

Yet, you’ve not heard the end. I will persevere.



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