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The Fearful Four-way Stop

I avoid 4-way stops. I will drive miles to avoid them. They are not good for my health; mental, physical, or spiritual. Most drivers do not know or practice the vague laws concerning those infamous red geometrical meanies…including me. I do not understand “first come, first serve”, even “the driver on the right should go first” is terribly “ify”.

What if four arrive simultaneously?

A. Stay and Stare?

B.Politely wave one of them through? Which one?

C. Play Chicken?

My writing-world is like this DOT* invention. I have arrived at a four-way stop. On the right is a drafted historical murder mystery. Across from me is a continuation of my Gray Lace series and on my left is an opportunity to rewrite my contemporary romances.

Of course I could back up. Turn around and not write.

I gave up ironing for lent. Could I give up writing?

At the moment I am staring at my choices, but I’m beginning to realize I like to play chicken.


*Department of Transportation



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