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“Writers need liability insurance!” I was advised. First I researched the definitions of such a monster gamble, then I researched the possibilities.


For years I paid the piper in the extreme. Good Gravy! I will not disclose the amount I paid per book. Embarrassment hurts.

Anyway, a painful realization of some of the trickery from the insurance industry was switched on by my  family source of all important information, our car repairman. He said my homeowners policy should cover me in the odd event that my historical mysteries would offend so much that someone would sue. It took  nine  phone calls and three office, in-your-face, visits, but yes, my homeowners policy does indeed cover my home office “products” – my six novels.

Yet, from under my creation-station desk appeared a new evil from the state in which I live.  “They” want home product producers to have an LLC (lucky lunatic cuties). “They” want to keep track of me, just in case  (Justin Case – my teddy bear). “They” must be worried that I might make money from writing.

“They said my “company” needed a name. LLC

Every year since I got a postcard reminder to renew my LLC online. For two years all went well. Then their website changed. Good Gravy, what a mess.

I reverted to snail-mail. My frustration levels matched my embarrassment. My lack of techo-smarts screamed.



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