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A Warning

For me to switch my reading genre from historical fiction to political non-fiction is shaking my world. I keep a sloppy romance on my phone to grab and re-read if I go into an attack of anxious fits; to escape, quite literally.

I recently read Madelaine Albright’s  Fascism: A Warning because I woke up the day after the last national election in shock.  Yes, I’m slow at reacting. Now, I want to know why. I know why I’m slow, but what happened? Why is the world more anxious than normal? Why are “we” mad at Canada of all places? Why are there border security checks in Maine? Why does this southerner shut her mouth when I want to scream? Why didn’t I see this coming?

Madame Secretary explains fascism through history and how in the past it too surprised the uninformed; the “Oh my God!” types like me. In her last chapter she asked the reader to be aware, to answer a few questions and if the answers were yes then we’re in trouble. Do you look for easy answers even when the problem is serious? Are hoping you will not be asked to give your opinion? Do our leaders value only the strong? Do our leaders claim to speak for everybody?

She pointed out a lesson. President Lincoln never mocked the downtrodden or bragged about his own accomplishments, nor exhibited personal cruelty. He had a “largeness of soul”.



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