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Happy Birthday

This is better late than never.

Today (no, last week) our flexible but fragile US Constitution is 231 years old; strong in ill-wind, but vulnerable to evil manipulations. We are strong and a wealthy nation. This equates to power. That power is converted by the greedy. Through decades of bribes, the gerrymandering of our election districts have managed to tilt the scales of our beloved justice and convinced the majority to ignore issues. Many of us, myself included, were not vigilant; did not listen, read, and research.

Now, our faces have been slapped. This behavior is similar to German history in the 1930’s. At this moment I am in a lovely 1931 home and I realized it was built during the world’s great depression by a wealthy family. The home was far and above the average possibilities. Did they manipulate the numbers or were they wisely informed and flexible?

Strange how our 231 years of constitutional living can be read on both sides of our coins.

Now, Hurricane Florence got the better of my internet; hence I’m late. Yet, my thoughts are recorded on my favorite yellow pads and I have managed to start revisions of my first novel, Swamp Run. I am now agent searching. “Just Sayin’ ”


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