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Walk with Me – Turn Left

I was asked to keep my posts non-political. I do try.

Turn Left. Is this a physical or political command? Perhaps both.

Sunshine, at last! Yes, that is a political exclamation! You see, climate change – too much moisture makes clouds that block the sun for days, quite claustrophobic, but this is a swamp so I should hush right here, but I am not going to do that, nor end a sentence, even a run-on, on an infinitive.

Wind, clean air persistently brushing against my face; resisting my forward progress. Yes, that too is a political sentence.

“Get it? Got it. Good. Keep it.”  From a Danny Kaye movie, a really old one. My nephew would understand. Oh, all right, I’ll explain.

Progressive, resistant, and yet to persist. I did make it home.

During the walk to the left, I avoided judgement on the puddles, the beer cans and Styrofoam plates hidden near a church, and the damages Florence made to various piers, some struggling to reach into the lake. Hurricane Florence is to blame rather than Michael, because of her excessive moisture, again the moisture, a consequence of climate change, no doubt. Michael was more of a big bag of wind.

I that one a gender-biased statement?


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