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Deep Water

I am still here. Thank Goodness. It HAS been a while. Deep Water because that’s the title of the setting on my washing machine that I’ve been waiting for to finish. The jeans take forever and that makes me think of my ancestors. There is a logical connection if you remember your homophones.

There’s an empty lot next door that provides morning entertainment. Duck families on their way to the swamp, stopping for a bite, squirrels racing to first get to those bites¬† and various bits of other wildlife competing for the same bites. Sounds like our “civil”ization.

Then there is nineteen month old Margaret dumping out the contents of a red mess laundry basket, pulling over her head, and growling her way down the hall, while laughing at all of us…serious adults. There’s a lesson there but no deep water.

For the past three months I’ve been preoccupied with the planning and execution of a ten-day pond-jump to check on those descendants of the ancestors in the UK mentioned in the first paragraph.¬† Since I returned, I’ve written a 3000 word journal. No, I’ll not ask you read it. Maybe soon.


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