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The Crises Cycle

The Woman’s Hour, The Great Fight to Win the Vote by Elaine Weiss has taught me that political crises move in a repeating cycle. I am using this book as a research tool for my current WIP concerning suffragists on both sides of my nearby pond. Yes, dear following, I still live in a swamp, but the Atlantic is not too terribly far away.

Now, the problem: I have assigned the book to my adorable book club. When we meet we bravely try to not speak of religion or politics. The weather is usually a safe topic, except when discussing FEMA and other types of insurance companies paying for hurricane repairs and of course the approaching storm season.

Author Elaine Weiss won’t be satisfied with the weather. She has proven in her excellent report about the tensions that occurred one hundred years ago as they too had problems that intermingled. Example: guns, abortions, temperance (liquor, tobacco, drugs), voters’ rights, and of course race relations. The fine folks in Tennessee had all those topics and the weather (the humid August of 1920) to jam together in that final hour of the 19th amendment’s creation.

I hope my book club will learn about the struggle that was not taught in any history class I attended. I hope they’ll look around and notice the similarities on our evening news reports. I hope they’ll appreciate the compromises and convictions that were and are strained. I hope that … Enough! 

My book club doesn’t meet until September.

I still have time to learn more and be ready to smile and nod. Yes, I love my book club.

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