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High Heels, Hose, and Hurricanes

Sitting here in my swamp, I often review my recent decisions. Unfortunately, one decision was what to wear to a funeral. It was unfortunate in that my lovely sister-in-law passed away, yes, to heaven. That’s another discussion. This one is far less serious.

What to wear…my standard rule is No Heels and No Hose. I easily fall over because I’m round. Heels sink into the ground, such as in a burial site. I did wear heels to my daughter’s wedding in January because I wanted to dance with my tall husband. I’m short and I normally wear flats. Or my feet go bare.

I also wore hose, among other things. It was cold and they helped to add color. However, normally, no hose. If someone complains, especially a man, I’ve been heard to proclaim, “When you wear hose and heels, I will.”

Once challenged they tend to back off.

Also, recently I’ve been sitting in my swamp waiting for Dorian, the hurricane.  I played the game “Do I have enough”?  (Water? Bread? Wine? Cookies, Spam (yuck) Beanie Weenies?) I enjoyed listening to the forecasters explaining how close Dorian might visit. “He might wiggle a little to the east or he might wiggle to the west.”

Thankfully, Dorian knew to wiggle correctly, without heels or hose, far from my swamp.






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