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Encouraging Grand Kids

We have recently returned from  grandparent heaven, some would say.  My point is not that the parents were away and we were responsible for the wellbeing of a four and a two year old, but that we danced, giggled, and learned from that experience. Therefore, heaven.

The four year old presented to me a vocabulary that blew my mind. Yes, I am bragging, but still it was amazing. Judge for yourself: “community, potentially, extraordinary, probability, and evaporate”. Oh, there was also a discussion concerning DNA.  The two year old conquered the world of “No”.

The excitement of their words followed me home and I returned to my creation station, and made a scene! Progress! I shut the door, put in my ear buds attached to my ancient I-pod shuffle. While under the encouragement from Albinoni, Bach, and Vivaldi, I blocked out the noise from the living room. The GOP attempted to dominate my CNN.

Therefore, I wrote a scene!

Scene One

Chapter Three

Part 3

of…my current WIP.  No, not quite ready to announce the title to my readers.

Making a scene felt euphoric! It is full of holes from a plot point of view and any grammar expert would become ill. But…I wrote it!


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