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Peace on Earth

I killed a favorite character today. It is not the right season for killing.

As a writer, I have the option of the who, the method, and of course, the why should  already be in the plot. I hope.

Possible methods:

Poisons…no, that is too slow and messy.

Guns…hell no! Politically, I am a gun-control nut. What kind of message would I be sending?

Bombs…ah yes, my plot needed more drama.

Decision made, the scene and the subsequent funeral were difficult to write. I  have read about authors becoming close to their characters, but this is ridiculous. I truly did not want her to die. In the hopes that someday my novel will be reader-ready, I will not allow you to become alerted to a spoiled plot by announcing her name.

Put your guns away, please. Tis the season for peace. Pray for peace for the Sandy Hook Elementary Families, (December 14, 2012).  I believe those sweet children are now Christmas angels. Also, besides prayers, support their cause and other similar ones by notifying our Congress that they need to improve their ways.

Pray for Peace for all of us, please.






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