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Day #21 of Iso.


Yes, we started later than a few folks; earlier than most. My father often said (a great deal), “It is better to be two hours early than one minute late.”

The journey to good health is not always smooth. So, here are a few suggestions: Yes, take a deep breath and stockpile the liquor. No, I mean liquid…water, silly. And, you’ve heard this one: count your blessings!

First, if you’re a doctor, nurse, or other health care provider…Thank you!

Second, if you’re a provider of food…Thank you!

Third, if you’re a parent, taking on the challenge of home-schooling…Thank you!

Those of us NOT one or two of those: you are blessed.

My isolation from my WIP (drafts #1 and 2) is nearly over. This is my experiment, my theory. If I leave my finished work alone for awhile, I should be able to find more mistakes, smooth out the “plot-bumps”, put a shinier-shine on the polish when I do write my way out of WIP isolation. In other words, drafts #3 and 4 should be more productive, more attractive, before I start my agent search.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been revising Gary Lace (Book #4) during my author-isolation. Next week, I’ll print out the first chapter of LILLIAN’S CHOICE.

There it is. The title! Of Book #7.  Lillian’s choices begin in an early 20th century English workhouse and end in a 1920 Nashville, Tennessee hotel while she waits for The Women’s Vote. Her decisions are determined by fear, courage, and compassion. Most of it hers.

Let me know what you think. Would you read it?





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Screen Time

When Lent came upon us I had planned to give up ironing. However, someone I admire for his occasional wisdom told me our Lenten sacrifice should be a benefit to someone other than or selves.

I gave up Face Book and Twitter. Easier said than done.

I did not give them entirely. I kept my accounts and read or scrolled through often. The time I saved could have gone to the greater good; like dusting. The hubs is allergic to it.

Alas, that did not work out. Many things have not worked work. Our days are not the same. Mr. Corona and his 19 fuzzy spikes on-a-beach-ball decided that I should give up my friends, family, and fine dining. The experts now say that social media interactions are good. The world has indeed turned on its head. Is that possible for a sphere?

Today, I responded to someone on Face Book and my “friends” went crazy! “Oh, you are alive!”

Yes, our times have changed in many ways. I have to plan each day to exerecise, exercise patience too, and not to decrease my screen time.


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My swamp is my refuge. Peaceful and safe at the moment. We turned off the news and listened to the wildlife; the purple martins are here, the crows are always angry, and strange, but true, there are seagulls enjoying my fresh water retreat. The ducks, turtles, and alligators are busy with their sex life. No further explanations forthcoming.

A refuge is great most of the time, but now we’ve been “encouraged” not to leave because we’re old.

Great! I didn’t want to leave anyway!!

Thankfully, we are still connected to the world through the internet and we’re shopping like crazy people. Although we didn’t have far to go to pass an insanity test. We’ve ordered mouth wash, potting soil, and more spam.

We’re good. Not the kind that appears in your email account. We have plenty of that.

We’ve cancelled everything that might be more people than us, although we will be kind, generous and polite to others with “elbow pumps”, smiles at two meters, and wishes for good health. This is odd. There’s no ending goal to reach for or mark the days on a calendar. And! I miss my family!

On the bright side…I have more time to write. A few days ago I reached a refreshing milestone. I wrote “The End” on my yellow pad and, yes, there was a rough draft of 60,00 words too. Draft #2 is typed into my beloved laptop. My WIP will soon be in a “Hunkered Down Mode” as well. I plan to work on a revision of a previous novel for a few weeks before tackling Draft#3 of ….no title yet. I’m not ready to expose her.

What am I afraid of? A Virus!


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Brouhaha II

The Importance of Romantisicm

In reference to Brouhaha I, (see last week’s post), PBS’s Sanditon should have served a purpose. Jane Austen’s romantic writing allowed her readers to escape. They could escape drudgery, poor marriages, and mistakes made. Jane’s conclusions and climaxes offered a belief in the positive. (No pun intended, really.) Yes, historically some marriages were a business decision, hence, the term sweetheart deal. (I made that up. I do not know the origin of the phrase.) Therefore, Jane and her fan club has the right to be upset with Masterpiece Theater’s choice of writer.

The Importance of Writing

It’s theraputic. Today, I made a scene, as I enjoy telling my hubs. By the way, it’s raining again here in our swamp. Yours? Back to scene creation: I found it soothing, even though it was a fight scene. I am getting close to the end of this novel, ( first draft), the climax, (again no pun here). My “she-ro” handled herself beautifully as well as heroically. By the way, did you catch the news clip where Jill Biden defended her husband from a stage invader? Quite Impressive.

The Impoortance of Blog Writing

If I need a political release I could write my thoughts, (see above), subtlety and carefully. There’s no use in upsetting folks unnecessarily, at least not close to an election. Maybe I’ll warm up in late October.

The Importance of Creating Yet Another Scene

(see above)  I need to write a scene that explains the previous one. That’s sad. Perhaps I really need to rewrite the previous one so I can inform my readers of new adventures.

I love the importance of a good brouhaha.







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