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In my swamp, once a year, in April, (blame global warming) our Mayflies descend. Keeping us inside. Yet another reason. This is day #36 for the hubs and myself. Today’s canned tuna was delicious, thank you. We don’t get out to shop. Mr. Amazon spoils us. He’s great with canned goods and dry milk.

Another reason to worry about my sanity is the new craze to virtually visit as a crowd…zooming…which supposedly caries yet another virus.  So, covid-19, you are not the only star of the show.

What else do I miss besides my sanity? Here’s my list: daily mail. We go to the post office once a week. Writing old-fashioned cards in cursive. Discussing books and gossip and a tad of politics with my book club. Eggs. Going out to lunch. This list is so extensive That Mr. Word and Mr. Press might put a restraining order on my account.

Writing! I am getting more done. The Mayflies are watching me through the windows of my creation station. They’ll hang there until a strong rain or my garden hose changes their dead minds. My WIP is now in edit mode. This might take a while. I hate being watched while I edit my creations. Also, I have drafted a synopsis for this newest historical adventure. Perhaps I’ll post that before our country is “released”.

When I was an elementary school teacher with the Sanhedrin and Malcontents, the administration would give the children “Early Release Days”, in order to allow the teachers to learn something…chuckle. I would often sing to the kids the only country song I know, “Please Release Me, Let Me Go”.


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