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Progress is Vague

In my opinion I created a completed 62,000 word historical novel, but way in the back of my mind something niggled. It felt off. I hired a great book reviewer. I love her. She told me the truth. Odd these days.

Lillian’s Choice had too many settings; a UK manor house, a UK workhouse, London, an ocean voyage, train rides into the US south, a small swamp town, Raleigh, NC and Nashville, Tennessee. Lillian’s Choice had too many characters, besides Lillian, there were twenty more. AND.. too many plots; murder, theft, extortion,  hate crimes, the vote for women, and the ever present political illegal hot-air.

Too many too manys.

After my recovery from an author’s emotional upheaval, I came to the painful conclusion that Lillian needed a rest, if not a burial or a ceremonial cremation. Not to concern yourselves; I shall save a copy. There’s “too many” hours and bits of energy in her pages.

I have decided to begin again. I will most likely return to my historical swampy adventures.  The characters found in Gray Lace, Silver Cotton, and Golden Leaf will reappear and save the day from evil. I will not allow all to do so. There are “TOO MANY”.

With a Shakespearean Insult Kit at my side and  “Corn Teen” time available, I should be able to mangle an idle-headed nut-hook of a novel. Thank you William.


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