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In Honor of Lillian


This week is the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, The Right for Women to Vote! Last night I listened to Michelle Obama’s speech for the Democratic Convention. She was strong, articulate and right.

I digress. Back to Lillian. Recently, I completed a novel, entitled Lillian’s Choice. Her choice to assist the 1920 Suffragists in Nashville, Tennessee, showed strength, leadership, and courage; although she was a British citizen. “…jubilant sounds of church bells came through her window. Lillian knew. The Suffragists had won. The country won a better place in history. “It must have been close,” she whispered. Later she heard just how close was close.

Today (8-17-2020) NPR, one of my trusted news apps, published an article, “The Nudge and The Tie Breaker That Took Women’s Suffrage from Nay to Yay”. Melissa Black reported about my hero, Harry T. Burn, and about my main resource for my novel: Elaine Weiss, author, The Women’s Hour, The Great Fight to Win the Women’s Vote. Harry’s mother, Febb, is a true hero as well. She encouraged her son to vote Yay. His obedience to his mother and timing of a tie breaker, made Harry Burn a hero, and allows me to vote this November. And Vote I Will, Michelle.

Enough !

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The Calendar Lives!

Egad! Below is my first attempt at “adding a visual”, as encouraged by research. AND…

My writing calendar/business calendar tells me to draft a post, revise a few pages from a previously published novel, continue with the drafting of two historical novels, and read over a few emails.

This feels great. I missed it.

The calendar is full and I’m busy! I’ve passed through the mire and muck of depression. Or I hope so. I have completed next-to-nothing for nearly a month. Not healthy for a previously published writer who enjoys the stuff.

Stuff? Creating, researching, drafting, planning, and yes, even editing, and editing, and revising, and revising, and more editing. Although, I will admit I am not fond of searching for an agent. It’s similar to begging or being a wallflower.

“Do you like my work?”

“Is my writing good enough?”

“Do you like me?”

Insecure? Yes. Aren’t most creative sorts? Anyway, hopefully soon, I will post a description of my current WIP’s, both of them. If you read this blog last time, you’ll realize that the WIP of the last three years has been asked to wait, take a breather. It hurts. Yet, I’ve been told, pain is part of this writer’s life.


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