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Thoughts to Dump


Last posting broadcast my positive power points, but I failed to complete my notifications on my writing calendar. (Fear not, this will become more interesting.) Today’s reminders are in this order (order varies daily) blog, business-of-writing (that is an another posting), Gray Lace revisions (see image which will hopefully appear) and my TWO works-in-progress; Cora and the K&M mysteries. Details later. Moving on to the dumping…

This morning I read an NPR article, which was a reprint from March, concerning Recycling of Plastics. The explained theory is that Big oil paid Big money to push a Big campaign to convince a Big crowd of consumers that plastics could be recycled.

I am Big and I fell for it. I preached recycling to unsuspecting third graders since 1970 – the first Earth Day. Now, I am crushed, no can/puns intended.

Next thought that needs dumping: recently I heard a old man nearly cry because his grown-up son could not sign his own name on a bank document, because, says he, his third grade teacher did not teach cursive handwriting. I did and I love doing it. More later.

I recently learned about the Gordian Knot. There seem to be numerous, especially in DC. More later.


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Power and Pit Falls


Writing novels can be a heady, powerful, self-centered fame-driven virus. On the other hand, sometimes the very next day or hour, it can be a virtual roller coaster, a bi-polar pit-falling inverted hurricane.

Somewhere in the middle, there’s work: business accounting, expenditures (mostly), a lot of research (the fun part), numerous drafts (the other fun part), innumerable edits (not so much fun), agent searches, queries, synopsis (what’s the plural? synopsisis? synopsi?), blurbs to write, and pitches to practice (there’s a #pitchmad now, a really great idea), and last but certainly not least, the digestion of advice columns.

Recently, I had the need to explain to two friends (yes, I have two) why I had destroyed (well, not entirely) my completed WIP, Lillian’s Choice. I explained why I had taken my favorite characters and given them their own setting and plot, although not Lillian. She has been rewritten, reincarnated, so to speak.

I am excited about this. I did not explain about my new weapon. I am not excited about not explaining. Weapon: my powerful power point calendar. A writing calendar keeps me focused and positive. Usually.

I was trained during the early stages of technology. No, I have not downloaded or installed a program or software or disc or yes, not even a whatever. I made powerful points or dots made of ink on a hard copy calendar sent free from

Maybe in my next post I’ll explain to you, dear readers (an assumption there) about my powerful power points.



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